3D Printing

3D Printing

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Feroca offers you different types of 3D printers to help you bring your digital ideas to the real world.

Filament Printers (FDM)

The additive technique of fused deposition modeling is a technology that consists of depositing molten polymer on a flat base, layer by layer. The material, which is initially in a solid state stored in coils, melts and is expelled by the nozzle into tiny threads that solidify as they take the shape of each layer. The most common materials for these filament coils are PLA and ABS.

Stereolithography Printers (SLA)

This technique was the first to be used. It consists of the application of a beam of ultraviolet light to a liquid resin (contained in a bucket) sensitive to light. UV light solidifies the resin layer by layer. The base that supports the structure is shifted downwards so that the light exerts its action on the new bathroom again, as well until the object reaches the desired shape.