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You've seen it in award winning movies such as "The chronicles of narnia: the lion the witch and the wardrobe", "Earth of the living dead", "Planet of the apes", "Men in black 2" as well as many others. The best artesans in foam latex are in agreement, there is no better product in the market. Used by profesionals of the industry all arround the world, th foam latex by The Monster Makers is the best in quality, riliability and stability.

Its' unique formula provides a smooth foam with extremely fine cels, wich is ideal to make prosthetics that look amazing in every detail.

The foam system by Monster Makers has a variety of uses like stop motion dols, FX makeup prosthetics, animatronic creature skin for television and cinema.

Every kit comes complete with detailed instructions and all the components needed to create foam latex. It can be baked in aluminium, cement, fiber glass, epoxy and silicone molds.

Monster Makers Foam Látex is an afordable option when making all sorts of criatures and makeup effects and is considered the centre fold of the FX makeup industry.