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Feroca WorkShops is a new training concept by one of the best master craftsmen in this country, Juan Villa Herrero. Responsible for the set and props of the Fourth Millennium program in addition to his recognized works in museums, sculpture, props or figures.

He is also the creator and responsible for an authentic spaceport full of imagination and fantasy for all ages: extraterrestrial creatures, robots, ships and characters from all corners of the galaxy that Juan has made with the help of Feroca's materials.

It is also responsible for an authentic fortress of the fifteenth century inhabited by fantastic beings and creatures, also created with Feroca materials.

Feroca WorkShops should be understood as a space for continuous training, in this way each WorkShop will have different themes that will go through props, FX (Special Effects), Reborn, Models, Scenography, Modeling, Cosplay ... and a long etc.

The courses will be taught by Juan Villa or by a teacher supervised by Juan himself and the Feroca team. The best professionals in each sector will be able to teach their masterclasses in Feroca's WorkShops.