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3D UP! Printers

3D Mod3la Plus Printer

3D Mod3la Plus Printer

3D Printer PRO UP! BOX the evolution you expected.

Unique in its price category printing on PLA and ABS

Auto Calibration

Perfect print on every piece.

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1 817,35 €

tax excl.

Improve the designs of your products almost without cost. Print high-quality PLA or ABS functional prototypes for less than € 2 * without changing your design software.

Still do not use prototypes to design? A few years ago we moved from 2D design to 3D design to improve the final product. Now comes the new evolution: print your designs, make functional and ergonomic tests and improve the quality of your products. Its precision (1 tenth), compact size and low noise level makes it the perfect tool for the most demanding designers. Print in 3D everything you want, whenever you want and whenever you want in your office. Its self-calibrating function ensures perfect printing for every part without maintenance.

It is unique in its price category: it uses filaments PLA or ABS, that allows to join pieces to create bigger ones, without costly chemical processes. And all with a year of complete technical service with warranty of repair and telephone attention included in the price.