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3D UP! Printers

3D Mod3la Plus Printer

3D Mod3la Plus Printer

3D Printer PRO UP! PLUS2 the most innovative solution to your molding needs.

The only one of its kind that has self-calibration

Perfect print on every piece.

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1 239,00 €

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Everything will look antiquated when you try to remember how you worked before you had it: print functional prototypes for only € 2 * without changing your design software. It is unique in its price category: it uses ABS filament that allows you to join pieces without expensive chemical processes to create bigger ones. And all with 1 year of complete technical telephone service with free collection, repair and delivery guarantee and telephone assistance included in the price.


No more waiting and the cost of sending your designs to the 3D printing offices and to the designers. Print in 3D what you want, when you want and as many times as you want in your office, avoiding the risk of giving away your intellectual property. Evolution of the award-winning UP! Plus is the only one of its kind that has self-calibration, ensuring a perfect impression for each piece. It uses the additive manufacturing technology, successively placing layers of ABS to build a three-dimensional model. Precisely using ABS filaments, you can easily attach different pieces to create larger pieces.


The Pro Up! Plus 2 is a unique 3D printer in its class. Although small in size, it is capable of printing up to 140x140x135mm. When printing .STL files, you can use it without having to change your favorite design software, since all the programs of design, CAD and modeling have modules of export to that format. Self-calibrating. Supports ABS and PLA filaments.

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