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Addition Silicones (Platinum Catalyst)

Soma Foama® 25 -Foam Silicone-

Foam of platinum silicone.
Resistant to water and UV radiation.
Easy to use.
Ideal for FX and orthopedics.

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Soma Foama® is a soft, flexible, two component silicone platinum foam that is versatile and easy to use. Soma Foama® 25 has a higher foam density than Soma Foama 15, expands 2-3 times its original volume and develops a uniform cell structure of 400 kg / m³.

Bright colors can be achieved by the addition of Silc-Pig® Silicone Color Pigments. The cured foam has a high resistance to heat (up to 176 ° C), water resistant, UV resistant and resistant to oxidation and degradation due to ozone.


Soma Foama® can be used for a wide variety of industrial and special effects applications including: foam fillers, seat fill / cushioning, orthopedics, electrical circuit encapsulation and vibration damping.

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