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Adhesives and glues

Ultra-Fast Cyanacrylate-

Ultra Fast Glue.
Low Density of High speed.
Penetrates better in porous materials.
Paste all kinds of materials.

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7,00 €

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Ultra-fast cyanoacrylate glue of low density and cured VERY QUICK.

The name cyanoacrylate is used to denote a set of substances used as quick setting adhesives and hence are also known as 'supercements'. They are used for domestic repairs and in industry.

Cyanoacrylate is used to bond most materials such as metals, some plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, leather and natural or synthetic rubber.

Technically speaking, cyanoacrylate adhesives stick very quickly, are single-component, contain no solvents and react with ambient humidity. Among other advantages, these adhesives are characterized by clean joints and no adhesive residue, which together with its fast and strong adhesion, saves time and handling costs.

For the correct conservation of all cyanoacrylate-containing adhesives, they should be stored in places that are not exposed to sunlight, dry and fresh.

Care must be taken when using these products since they are able to glue fingers instantly. If so, wash your fingers repeatedly with warm water.

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