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Chavant, Monster Clay and sulfur free plasticine

Monster Clay Premium Grade MEDIUM

Monster Clay Premium Grade MEDIUM

Professional reusable Sulfur-free plasticine.
Composed entirely of non-toxic products.
Presented in pack of 2.27 kg. Microwave safe. Merges easily.
Medium hardness

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Monster Clay Premium Grade is a water-based, sulfur-free and reusable oil-based modeling clay.

 Composed entirely of non-toxic, food grade components, Monster Clay has an ultra soft formulation that features a very low melting temperature and a low tack feel which makes it not stick to your tools or fingers.
It has a high plasticity and has a unique elastic quality similar to a soft caramel when it is hot.

At room temperature Monster Clay has enough quality to capture even the finest details and can be re-used and re-cast indefinitely.

Monster Clay plasticine easily melts with a pourable consistency and is ideal for making copies of Life-Casting molds where details need to be corrected.

This sulfur-free recipe is compatible with silicone platinum molding compounds.

It is bought once and if kept well closed and clean, it can be used again and again.

Each Monster Clay Premium 5 lb (2.27 kg) pack is reusable and suitable for microwave or oven.


It melts very fast in the microwave. It is recommended to warm up every 15 seconds at maximum power to avoid overheating.

Monster Clay hot clay can cause burns on contact with the body, always wear thermal gloves.

Container designed to withstand temperatures of 250 ºC in the oven. Never exceed that temperature.

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