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Chavant, Monster Clay and sulfur free plasticine

WED Clay EM-217

Professional clay of slow drying.
High level of detail.
Block of 11,34 kg. Very economic.

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21,00 €

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WED Clay (or EM-217) is a very popular clay in the film industry for creating great sculptures in great detail. You can see it continuously in programs like Face-Off. Although it is a water-based clay, WED clay dries more slowly because it contains glycerin in its composition, and has many of the same sculpting qualities of oil-based clay.

Requires a water bottle in to keep moisture and to smooth. Can be used for masks design as well.

WED Clay is not considered reusable.


• Color: Dark Gray
• Texture: Smooth
• Contraction 2 +%: 5%
• Water absorption + 1%: 10%
• COE x 6.10: N / A

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