Feroca EverGreen Commitment Products


Commitment to Sustainability

The Feroca EverGreen Commitment seal indicates that the product or series of products in which one or more of the following points are met, so that product is environmentally responsible or that it promotes sustainability as we understand it in Feroca in our Feroca EverGreen Commitment

A Sustainable Product has been developed respecting the Environment and protecting the people and communities that have participated in the entire development process.

A product may have this seal for several reasons, due to its composition, the environmental consequences of its use or the manufacturing process. Therefore, we believe that a product has the Feroca EverGreen Commitment seal if it meets one to several of the following assumptions:

  1. It does not contain toxic ingredients in its composition.
  2. Once cured and stable it has a food grade.
  3. It represents an evolution of a previous product implementing improvements in its manufacture that make it more sustainable.
  4. It comes from recycled material.

Activities associated with the development of sustainable products help people and do not have an impact on the environment. Sustainable products allow their production to last over time without mortgaged the future of the next generations and local communities.