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Epoxy Resins

Epofer EX402 + E430 Epoxy Colorless-UV Filter

Epofer EX402 + E430 Epoxy Colorless-UV Filter

Epoxy resin for totally colorless laminates.

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Epoxy resin for laminates. Completely colorless and with UV filter. It is recommended in carbon laminates where an aesthetic finish is sought. Being stabilized by UV rays, yellowing of the resin is avoided as much as possible over time.


Remember that it is characteristic of this resin that at low temperatures increases its viscosity, even resulting in a granular effect, similar to what happens with olive oil or honey. This does not mean that the resin has been degraded. As in the previous cases, the effect disappears by approaching the product to a heat source (radiator) or subjecting it to the "Mary bath".




  WEIGHT; 100gr. Of part A + 30gr. Of part B

  VOLUME; 90cc. Of part A + 30cc. Of part B


Kit Composition:

    1Kg Epofer EX 402

  300gr Epofer E 430

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