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Silastic 3483 Base + Curing agent S83

Silastic 3483 Base + Curing agent S83
Average grade 

Silicone elastomer for polyester, polyurethane and epoxy.

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Catalizador 83 (24horas)
81F (5 Horas)
81VF (1,5 horas)

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Silastic 3481 is characterized by its high resistance to casting resins, polyurethane as much as polyester and epoxy.

Its excellent properties and great chemical and mechanical resistance, allow us to obtain a greater number of pieces per mold.


Among its main features is its ability to release, excellent fluidity and high elasticity, for easy removal of complex reproductions.


It is also very versatile because with the same product, we have three different catalyst systems;


-Curing agent 81  -    Standard    - pot time 90 min - Curing time 24h.

-Curing agent 81F -      Fast     - Pot time 45 min - Curing time  8h.

-Curing agent 81VF - Very Fast -  Pot time 10 min - Curing time  2h.


Remember when ordering you can replace 81 Curing Agent Standard with another faster agent. Indicate it in the comments section and we will exchange it at no cost. However if the job does not require great speed and especially if this is your first mold, we recommend Curing Agent 81 since having a while longer to work with it helps, and the air has also more time to get out and you avoid bubbles.


Silastic 3481 can be thixotropic (not fluent), adding the THIXO ADDITIVE for reproduction with a brush on vertical surfaces. This method lets you save material because it allows us to obtain directly the mold. We suggest a thickness of 1 cm. Silastic wall 3481 and a counter plasterboard, fiberglass / polyester or our special putty countermoulds FERPOL CM2.

Elena B

Muy buena silicona de estaño

Esta silicona está siempre en nuestro taller, es todoterreno y de muy buena calidad, además combinada con la silastic 3481 tienes una diferencia de shores muy interesante para cualquier trabajo. Muy buen producto.

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Silastic 3483 Base + Curing agent S83

Silastic 3483 Base + Curing agent S83

Silicone elastomer for polyester, polyurethane and epoxy.

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