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Mold making basic Kit - Small pieces


Mold making basic Kit - Small pieces

Basic Kit for molding small parts in Silicone molds and reproduction of parts in polyurethane resin.

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kit Composition:

-    1 Kit   Silastic 3483 Base + Agente de curado (1 Kg. Silastic 3483 + 50gr. de Ag.Curado 83)

-    1 Env.  Ferosil V32  de 100gr.

-    1 Und. Plastilina industrial de 350gr.

-    1 kit    Feropur PR55 + E55 (1Kg. de PR55 + 1 Kg. de E55)


You will have all the necessary materials for making the original molds you choose and create copies you need in a resin that is easy to work with and very resistant. Ideal for small models.

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