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Monster Makers Prosthetic Grade Isopropyl Myristate
It eliminates numerous adhesives FX of the skin thanks to its oily base.
Ideal for smoothing the Moster Clay and even polishing it.

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946 ml.
473 ml.

16,00 €

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Feroca, the official distributor in Spain of The Monster Makers presents the prosthetic-type makeup remover ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE.

It is a very soft oily base make-up remover that eliminates many types of makeup including also the Pros-aide.

ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE is also a fantastic, odorless solvent for use with Monster Clay, and is non-toxic.

ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE dries slower than other solvents like mineral spirits, but dissolves modeling paste in a more aggressive way and is a super softening agent.

Use in moderation by passing a soft brush through different areas while the product is evaporating.

To polish the Monster Clay until it looks like glass, start with a small part, like the top of a head, apply a small amount on a clean paper and rub in circles until you get the desired result.

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