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Anatomical Frame at Full Size "Ed Head"

Real Size Anapicle Frame.
Perfect for sculpting with professional clay or clay.
Create your FX masks with this perfectly proportioned frame.

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74,38 €

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Are you looking for a modeling base on which to sculpt your latex or silicone masks ?, because here you have it, our anatomical frame in real size "Ed Head" of Mosnter Makers is manufactured in rigid polyurethane foam and rotomoldeado so it is hollow And very easy to handle.

A new design with partial shoulders and an elongated neck that compensates for the contraction of the latex mask. It is a handmade product and therefore has some imprefections, such as the molding line, which do not affect the sculpture process at all.

It has real proportions and measures of 45.72 cm. Tall, 33.02 cm. Wide and 27.94 cm. background. It weighs 1.36 kg.

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