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Materials for Modeling: Pastes, Putties and complements.

Le Beau Touché

Le Beau Touché

906 gr.

Professional plasticine free of sulphides.

Excellent for original modeling

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13,00 €

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Le Beau Touché is used by many types of artists who often look for a product that will adhere to basically any material of assembly. Le Beau Touché has very good detail, is carved and shaped easily, has great flexibility and does not dry or crack.

Le Beau Touché is very sensitive to variations in heat, is very soft, even flowing. The least amount of heat, just the friction with the hands, will soften Le Beau Touché.

This clay can be hard on the original blocks, but cut in small amounts becomes very manageable. The Le Beau Touché product line is commonly used by artists for the creation of sculpture.

Le Beau Touché has great adhesive qualities that allow it to stick to all materials, including aluminum wire reinforcement, foil, carton, foam or paper. Le Beau Touché does not rust and can be stored anywhere. If it is heated and cooled several times there will be no significant change in the product.

Softening temperature: Le Beau Touché is generally used at room temperature.

Working temperature: up to 32 ° C as maximum

Cautions: Warming to 32 ° C can cause Le Beau Touché to become very soft and sticky or the clay begins to sweat or sink. Wash hands with soap and water after use.

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