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Natural clays

Clay Sio-2 PLUS Terracota

Clay Sio-2 PLUS Terracota

Natural clay for modeling that hardens in the air.
No cooking required. Very clean handling. It does not smell.
Once dried, it can be colored with any paint or varnish.

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Natural clay for modeling that hardens to the air without having to cook, acquiring great hardness, similar to the cooked ceramics.

Available in 2 natural colors: white and terracotta.

It comes in 5 formats: 500g, 1kg, 1.5kg, 5kg and 10kg. Small formats are ideal for experiencing new colors and large formats are very economical for use in schools or workshops.

Very suitable material in the development of the capacity of creation and perception (plastic expression). Suitable for children use (from 3 years) but also highly recommended for crafts and professional creative arts.

Very good plasticity for modeling. Its clayey nature gives it an excellent plasticity for the modeling and the presence of natural cellulose fibers allow a safe drying without cracks or fissures, even with large pieces.

Soft and fine texture to the touch. Allows modeling by making very fine details. It can be molded and turned around potter.

Very clean clay. It is easily cleaned with water in hands and clothes. With a damp cloth, easily remove any remaining product from surfaces and furniture.

It does not smell.

Once dried, it can be colored or varnished with any type of paint or varnish. It can also be polished, carved or perforated.

Conforms to the European norm EN-71 and to the regulation USA (seal AP product nontoxic). It remains unaltered in its original packaging conditions for a minimum period of two years.

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