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Plasters and Gypsum

Hydrocal White

Hydrocal White

Ideal plaster for solid and hollow molding methods.
The high green strength minimizes breakage during removal of the more intricate latex molds.
Perfect for making latex molds, they adhere perfectly.

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It offers twice the compressive strength of plaster. HYDROCAL® white gypsum cement is suitable for thin and delicate sections where high green strength is required. HYDROCAL® white plaster cement for multiple uses:

It is ideal for solid and hollow molding methods for lamp bases, statuettes, moldings and general molds.
Offers durable workability, double setting expansion than mold cast or ceramic.
It has a high value in the performance index.
It reaches a completely white color, which makes it ideal for the incorporation of dyes.
It weighed in about 25 to 35 minutes after machine mixing.
Requires 45 parts of water per weight per 100 parts of gypsum.
NOTE: For best storage results, keep in an indoor, dry and stable environment, away from drafts. Do not stack more than two high-load pallets.

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