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SMOOTH-FOOD 940 -Silicona Alimentaria-

Food Grade Platinum Silicone (FDA).
Easy to use, mix 100A: 10B
Ideal for chocolate molds, ice, pastry, etc ...

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Kit de 990gr
Kit de 5Kg

36,00 €

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The Smooth-Sil 940® silicone is a platinum (addition) hardness silicone Shore A 40, very easy to use and suitable for making molds of different foods, strictly complying with the

smoothsil940instructions for use.

The Smooth-Sil 940® silicone has a very good heat resistance, and an invaluable shrinkage.

Once the mold is cured and after 24 hours, the inside of the mold should be thoroughly washed with dishwasher soap before pouring any food.

Product Mix A:B
Curing time
Tare ressistance
Mix Viscosity
Work time
 Shore A 
Resistencia al Desgarro
Peso Especíco
¿Cuanto necesito?
Smooth-Sil 940® 100:10 en peso 24 horas 300% 35000 cps 30 min. 40 100 pli 23.4

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