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Polyester and Epoxy Putty

Epofer EX 610 A + E 610 B

Epofer EX 610 A + E 610 B

Epoxy Putty in two components that are mixed in equal parts for use as adhesive, filling and sealant of metal surfaces, wood, concrete, laminates, etc.

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Kit de 500 gr
Kit de 5 Kg.
Parte A
Parte B

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It has very good chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties. Polymerize under water.


How to use

Take equal parts of each component and knead manually until a homogeneous mixture of uniform coloring is achieved (gloves are recommended). Place on the surface to be repaired or attached by pressing and forming it with your fingers. Very smooth surfaces can be obtained by applying a layer of alcohol.

Heat accelerates the polymerization process.


You can see a guide to its use as a modeling material on our youtube video channel

  1-Tutorial modeling in epoxy putty


Composition of the Kit of 500 gr:
250gr EX 610 Part A
250gr E 611 Part B

  Composition of the Kit of 5 Kg:
10 Containers of 250gr EX 610 Part A
10 Containers of 250gr E 611 Part B

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