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Polyester resins

Ferpol 1973

Ferpol 1973

Accelerated Occlusion Polyester

Transparent and colorless

Allows the occlusion of pieces inside the resin

Special for Orgonites

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The Ferpol 1973 belongs to a new generation of resins specific to each application. In this case it is a transparent polyester designed for the accomplishment of occlusions and to imitate glass figures.


Like the rest of the polyester resins, the catalyst system depends on the working conditions such as humidity, and above all temperature, as well as the amount of resin we are using for each piece.


In principle, working at a temperature of about 20 ° C, for a piece of 200gr. A percentage of Catalyst F11 of 1% would be needed while in the same example and with a quantity of resin of 1 kg. Would be sufficient with 0.5% Catalyst F11.


To facilitate your work and whenever you make the mixtures taking proportions in volume, you must take into account that 1 kg of Ferpol 1973 is equivalent to about 820 cc.


To avoid bubbles as much as possible, we advise you to have the resin at rest a few minutes after incorporating the catalyst and before pouring the mixture into the mold.


If we work with large volumes, we can avoid erroneous product responses such as internal cracking due to excess temperature, making the pieces in layers, letting each layer cool. In this case we must know that because of the difference of contraction and especially if the piece has a vertical side, they can be visible the different castings so that in their case we will need a later sanding of the pieces.


If we work encapsulating objects inside the resin, as is the case of orgonites, we must pour a first layer and wait for it to gel until the point where the object does not go to the bottom, then continue filling the mold fully.


You should know that because it is a colorless resin that does not involve certain compounds that would alter the final color, the piece can be mordant to the touch, especially in the surface of contact with the air. We will avoid the effect by cleaning the outer layer with our AC Solvent and roughing the piece with water sand from less to thick, after which we must polish with a polishing disc and a polisher and a polishing paste to recover the total gloss . It is convenient to leave the piece at rest for a few days or even an oven curing at about 40ºC to improve the effect and before polishing.


This effect is also minimized if we use glass molds such as duralex or plastic, in this case we advise the use of a release agent such as Releasil to avoid adhesions.

Composition of the Kit of 1Kg:
1Kg Ferpol 1973
25gr of Catalyst F-11

Composition of the Kit of 5Kg:
5Kg of Ferpol 1973
100gr of Catalyst F-11

Composition of the Kit of 25 Kg:

25 Kg. Of Ferpol 1973

500 gr. Of Catalyst F-11

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Ferpol 1973

Ferpol 1973

Accelerated Occlusion Polyester

Transparent and colorless

Allows the occlusion of pieces inside the resin

Special for Orgonites

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