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PS-Composites Silicones (Platinum Addition)

Pro-Gel 10 Softener (Deadner)

Pro-Gel 10 Softener (Deadner)

Deadner translucent fluid for Silicone.
Textured silicone.
Perfect for imitations of human flesh.

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The Pro-Gel 10 Softener is a clear translucent fluid that is added in volume to the Pro-gel 10 silicone. This additive will change the "feel" of silicone rubber into a much softer material. It also alters the recovery properties of the silicone, making it look more like human tissue.
The Pro-Gel 10 Softener allows the user to vary the tackiness of the cured silicone, which allows the creation of self-adhesive silicone devices. The amount of tack is in direct proportion to the amount of Pro-Gel 10 Softener added. The pieces created do not exude silicone oil, eliminating a problem common with other methods of softening.
The mixing ratio of Pro-Gel 10 Softener with Pro-gel 10 silicone can range from 30% to 120% depending on the desired effect.

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