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Resinas de Poliuretano

Feropur PR 55 + E 55

Feropur PR 55 + E 55

Rigid Polyurethane Castings
Excellent copy capacity
Does not give off odors
Easy to use
Mix 100 A + 100 B

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Kit de 10 Kg.
Kit de 50 Kg.

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The FEROPUR PR-55 is a fast two component polyurethane that hardens at room temperature to work by casting. The product is composed of a colorless resin (polyol) and a yellowish hardener (isocyanate), both uncharged.

The FEROPUR PR-55 offers excellent flowability, very little odor from both components and mixing, easy manual mixing and adjustable viscosity by simply adding more or less filler, to achieve the required level of reproduction fidelity. The qualities of the product are its fast hardening and the easy machining of the hardened material.

The FEROPUR PR-55 is commonly used for the reproduction of parts in silicone molds, negatives, models and prototypes.

Take care to strongly agitate the resin in order to homogenize it before use. Mix the exact amounts of each of the components and proceed to the casting of the resin in the mold.

One of the advantages of the FEROPUR PR-55 is its reaction speed, which implies a very short working time which, compensated by its low viscosity, allows the production of parts in series with the use of fewer molds.

For use with fillers, add the desired amount to each of the components and disperse it properly before mixing. Mix the two charged components in the appropriate proportion and homogenize the mixture. Paste in dry molds.

Product Mix A:B
Color Demold time
Work time
R.Tracción DIN 53504 Kg/cm2
Elongation DIN 53504 %
R.Flexión DIN 53423 Kg/cm2
¿Cuanto necesito?
Feropur PR55 1A:1B en volumen


120 seg. 80 seg. 350 9 75D 500 1,25

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