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Translucent fluid for Silicone
Textures silicone
Perfect for imitations of human flesh

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Slacker® is one component translucent clear fluid that is added to our translucent platinum-cure silicones such as Dragon Skin® and Ecoflex® products. Slacker® will change the “feel” of the silicone rubber to a softer and more “flesh-like” material. It also alters the rebound properties of the silicone, making it feel more like human tissue.

Slacker® allows the user to vary the degree of tackiness to the cured silicone, allowing for the creation of self-sticking silicone appliances. The amount of tackiness is in direct proportion to the amount of Slacker® added. Pieces created with Slacker® will not exude silicone oil, eliminating a common problem with other softening methods.

Slacker® can be added in larger proportions to Smooth-On’s super soft and stretchy platinum silicones (for example, Dragon Skin® FX-Pro®) to make silicone gel that can be used to create gel-filled silicone prosthetic appliances. Gel-filled appliances will flex, bend, and even wrinkle like human flesh. Silicone gels created withSlacker® can also be used to create cushioning materials for medical applications (anaplastology). Use Skin Tite® adhesive to temporarily, but securely, adhere silicone appliances to the skin

Measuring Is Done By Volume Or Weight – Whether using an Ecoflex® product or a Dragon Skin® product, the proper mix ratio is 100 Parts A + 100 Part B + X Parts Slacker®. Everyone’s application and desired level of stickiness or “tack” will vary. The following chart should be used as a reference for you to achieve your own desired effect.

1 Part A + 1 Part B + 1 Part Slacker®
Result - "Tacky"
1 Part A + 1 Part B + 2 Part Slacker®
Result - "Very Tacky"
1 Part A + 1 Part B + 3 Part Slacker®
Result - "Extremely Tacky / Gel-like"
1 Part A + 1 Part B + 4 Part Slacker®
Result - "Super Soft Tacky Silicone Gel"

Example - 50 grams Dragon Skin® FX-Pro® part A + 50 grams Dragon Skin® FX-Pro® part B + 150 grams Slacker® (3 parts) will give you an “Extremely Tacky / Gel-like” result.

Adding Color - Silc Pig ® silicone pigments can be added and mixed thoroughly into the silicone rubber prior to adding Slacker® for matching a specific skin tone, etc.

Mixing – Ecoflex® or Dragon Skin® silicones with Slacker® added can be hand mixed. Aggressively hand mix for 3 minutes, making sure that you scrape the sides and bottom of your mixing container several times.

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