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Smooth-On Accessories


Silicone solvent to be able to paint with airbrush.
2 versions, gloss and matte. Choose yours!
Use with tin and platinum silicones.
Pack of 340 grm.

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Novocs Gloss
Novocs Matte

18,00 €

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NOVOCS® is a low viscosity silicone solvent that evaporates quickly.

NOVOCS® lowers the viscosity of Smooth-On silicone rubbers and does not contain volatile organic compounds. NOVOCS® is particularly useful in thinning Psycho Paint®, silicone paint base for brush or airbrush application on props or silicone prosthetic applications.

NOVOCS® is available in Gloss and Matte varieties. NOVOCS® Gloss will leave a shiny finish on cured silicones. NOVOCS® Mate will leave a matte finish.

NOVOCS® does not contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or Phthalates or Phosphates.

WARNING - Flammable liquids and vapors. Keep away from sources of ignition and precautions for handling flammable products.

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