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Smooth-On Polyurethane Rubbers

Vytaflex 50

  • Polyurethane rubber molds.
    Perfect for reproductions in concrete or cement.
    Easy mixing and pouring.
    50A Shore hardness

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Kit de 900grm.

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Using Smooth-On’s exclusive “V-Polymer®” technology,VytaFlex® urethane rubbers offer superior physical and performance properties for casting concrete. Vacuum degassing is not necessary and VytaFlex® rubbers cure with negligible shrinkage to a durable rubber that will last in production.

VytaFlex® mold rubbers work especially well for casting pigmented / colored concrete. Molds made with VytaFlex® Series urethanes will render accurate and uniform colored castings.

Preparation - Store and use at room temperature (73°F/23°C). These products have a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. Environmental humidity should be as low as possible. Good ventilation (room size) is essential. Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize contamination risk.

Some Materials Must Be Sealed - Urethanes are adhesive. To prevent adhesion between the rubber and model surface, models made of porous materials (gypsum plasters, concrete, wood, stone, etc.) must be sealed prior to applying a release agent. SuperSeal® (available from Smooth-On) or One Step® are fast drying sealers suitable for sealing porous surfaces without interfering with surface detail. Sonite Wax®or high-grade shellac is suitable for rough contours. A high quality Shellac is suitable for sealing modeling clays that contain sulfur or moisture (water based). Thermoplastics (polystyrene) must also be sealed with shellac or PVA. In all cases, the sealing agent should be applied and allowed to completely dry prior to applying a release agent.

Non-Porous Surfaces - Metal, glass, hard plastics, sulfur free clays, etc. require only a release agent.


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