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Smooth-On Polyurethane Rubbers

Simpact 60A

Ultra Resistant Polyurethane Rubber.
Perfect for parts that need abrasion resistance.
Easy to mix and wash.

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Simpact® 60A urethane is a low odor, fast-setting urethane elastomers which offers very high tear strength, impact resistance and wear resistance. Simpact® urethanes are phthalate free, mercury free and MOCA free. Simpact® urethanes pour easily. Working time is 4 minutes, handling time is 2 hours and full cure time is 48 hours at room temperature.

Cured rubber has exceptional performance characteristics and dimensional stability. Simpact® urethanes can be colored with SO-Strong® or Ignite® colorants. Simpact® urethanes are suitable for making impact resistant props, prototypes and display pieces.

These products have a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. This material should be stored and used at room temperature (73°F/23°C). This material is moisture sensitive, so relative humidity should be below 50%. Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize contamination risk. Room size ventilation is necessary.

Applying A Release Agent - A release agent is necessary to facilitate demolding when casting into or over most surfaces. Use a release agent made specifically for mold making (Universal® Mold Release or Mann’s Ease Release® 200 available from Smooth-On or your Smooth-On distributor). A liberal coat of release agent should be applied onto all surfaces that will contact the material.

IMPORTANT: To ensure thorough coverage, apply release and brush with a soft brush over all surfaces. Follow with a light mist coating and let the release agent dry for 30 minutes.

Smooth-On silicone rubber molds usually do not require a release agent unless casting silicone into the mold. Applying a release agent will prolong the life of the mold.

Selecting A Mold Rubber - Pour into a urethane rubber mold (release agent required) or a silicone rubber mold. To prevent cure inhibition, post-cure newly made tin silicone molds for 8 hours at 60°C/150°F and let cool prior to casting. If you are unsure about surface compatibility, a trial casting should be made.

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