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Ultimate Blood Kit®

  • Create realistic artificial blood in a simple way ...!
    Change viscosity and color as often as you like.
    Ideal for FX, Halloween, medical simulation ...

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The Ultimate Blood Kit® system is the most realistic and versatile artificial blood. Perfectly simulates human blood, both in color and flow. Ultimate Blood is ideal for special effects, medical simulation, moulage (creating fake wounded or dead bodies for emergency training), or any project that needs blood appearance of high quality. Ultimate Blood is suitable for use on normal skin.


Blood Ultimate, Absolute Control - Make, more liquid, thicker blood changes its color. You can quickly and easily make whatever changes you want.

NOTE: Ultimate blood is not suitable for use inside the mouth.

Ultimate Blood characteristics:

  • Make the clearest, darkest blood (vein or artery), Bring it more or less reddish, and everything quickly with the pigments included.
    Quickly thicken the blood and bring it back to liquid as many times as you like, from the clot to spray if necessary.
    Ultimate blood soaks the skin, silicone and other surfaces without grouping into drops.
    It dries with a wet appearance without color change.
    Once dry it maintains it's supple permance on skinn, silicone or other surfaces without cracking.
    It washes easily on almost all surfaces and tissues.

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