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Worbla's Crystal Art. Termoplástico Transparente en Microesferas

Worbla's Crystal Art. Termoplástico Transparente en Microesferas

Transparent thermoplastic in re-usable microspheres.
Heat to 65 ° C to activate.
Ideal for Cosplay, Scenery and FX makeup.

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1 Kg

7,00 €

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Worbla's Deco Art are thermoplastic microspheres that require an activation temperature of 65 ° C compared to the Worbla Finest Art (WFA) which does so at 90 ° C. It is a perfect material to model and to make final pieces as it has no contraction in the hardening process, which will give your creations a high reliability.

The material does not have any type of solvent in its composition and hardens in about 10 minutes, and you can re-use it at any time. Once hardened you can work the surface with a sandpaper to allow them to better handle acrylic paints, permanent markers or paint sprays. In addition, Worbla's Deco Art can be mixed directly with an acrylic paint in its most malleable state so that when it dries and hardens, the piece has the same color.


Very easy to use:
- Separate the amount of Worbla's Deco Art you want and heat it up to 65ºC with the help of air or hot water.

- If the beads become transparent, they are ready to be used, either to model by hand or to press them on a mold.

- Worbla's Deco Art is very sticky when it is activated so it can reproduce fingerprints on materials such as plaster or release agents. It is advisable to have a container with hot water to moisten your fingers, this will reduce the stickiness of the material and protect you from the heat.

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